Strategic eBusiness Solutions

Global Software and
Cloud Computing Platforms
for Your Business

We help you deploy technologies that boost profitability.


Build Top-Notch Software Applications

Apply the lastest technologies in artificial intelligence, mobile, ecommerce, security, privacy, and social media to meet many of your business needs.


Use Our Onsite and Offshore Services

Outsource your high-cost and low-margin operations to us. Our services are designed to reduce your cost, improve efficiency, and generate more revenue.


Customize Your Products for Diverse Audiences

Enable your applications to reach out to a diverse group of audiences with specific interests. Integrate with third-party vendors to enhance your offerings and services.

IP Licensing

Buy and Sell Your Intellectual Properties

Gain a competitive edge by adopting new technologies quickly through patent licensing. Patent owners can make money by licensing their rights to successful businesses.


Expand Your Market Share By Deploying Hot Technologies

Offer advanced user features and services on your Internet and mobile properties to attract maximum traffic. Create a unique online presence that can market itself and become popular quickly.